Sweet spell

by Tyler Burkhart

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Edward Steenbergen
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Edward Steenbergen You won't be disappointed listening to this album. Not one bad song on it. Keep up the good work. Favorite track: What's this trouble.
Scott Steneker
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Scott Steneker Real good. Moving and nuanced music. Favorite track: Your Cheshire smile.
Josh Sharp
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Josh Sharp Honest, straightforward, lo-fi songs that feel very handmade. I predict big things for Tyler. Favorite track: Last night's flowers.
brent galen adkins
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brent galen adkins Tyler's music never feels indulgent or misdirected; he lays out his world with no grudges or eternal regrets, only honest reflections on a life that, at one point or another, everyone can relate to. Favorite track: Pavement gazing.
alyssa g
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alyssa g picking a favorite song on this album is like picking favorite children. tyler is so talented lyrically and instrumentally, i want to live in the beautiful atmosphere his song create. Favorite track: What's this trouble.


released June 11, 2015

All songs written / performed / recorded by Tyler Burkhart



all rights reserved


Tyler Burkhart Lancaster, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: Pavement gazing
To restate the obvious
I know, it seems I've lost control
But I recall a simpler time
while walking to the grocery store

When you turned and said to me
you're happy as you'll ever be
Your unabashed naivete
I tied my shoes and smiled at the pavement

Thought I saw you buying gasoline
but I guess it isn't unlike me
To strain reality
besides, that night it was raining pretty heavy

Music's gonna heal my broken heart
I know that things can fall apart
So quick and by the time I knew
I'd lost most everything but

You were always there for me
an angel sitting in that tree
Showed me how a man could be
graceful as he falls and hits the pavement
Track Name: Front porch screen
Forgive the space between
what's said and what I mean
Though the tape has long been dead
it plays on in my head

I heard that flowers grow
upon the grave of the late van Gogh
I bit the siren's line
but I escaped in time

You know it's so hard to find
someone to lend you time
You dream of somewhere else
'cause you can't accept yourself

Yea I heard that flowers grow
upon the grave of the late van Gogh
I bit the siren's line
but I escaped in time

Yea we should talk about it
which of us could have foreseen?
The pedals of flowers falling
across the front porch screen
Track Name: Mama's buying us diamond rings
Sunday's morning light
rub my lonely eyes
Find a shirt to wear
comb my knotted hair
In the living room
window's open in June
Hear your car outside
we're going out for a drive

Though my mind is concrete
water's pouring through
I'll come out to meet you
start the day anew

The sun's so bright it stings
mama's buying us diamond rings
We drink our coffee black
we live without looking back
Seeking love from me
you're barking up a solemn tree
Sweetheart, don't despair
we'll meet again somewhere

Though my heart is concrete
water's seeping through
I'll come out to meet you
start the day anew
Track Name: Sweet spell
Pulled out of the parking lot
heading home just when I thought about a
Daydream that I forgot
and it made me miss you a lot

Though I can't say what I need
I feel you so close to me
Puzzled by the pedals strewn
still I sing my silly tune

In the morning I walked out
with some headphones and a blue beach towel and I
Waded into the sea
and a thick fog enveloped me

Though I can't say what I need
I feel you so close to me
Puzzled by the pedals strewn
still I sing my silly tune

I returned a different man
a yellow flower held in my hand and a
Sweet spell fell over me
on the sidewalk there by the sea

Though I can't say what I need
I feel you so close to me
Puzzled by the pedals strewn
still I sing my silly tune

Still I'm chasing after you
Still I'm chasing after you
Still I'm chasing after you
Still I'm chasing after you
Track Name: Last night's flowers
Last night's flowers on the bed
felt them blooming in my chest
Held the fire in my hand
wove the patterns into strands

I keep writing songs to ease my mind
deter me from the pain I feel inside
Watch the seams get torn apart again
how it hurts my aching heart

Don't want to live through a cell phone screen
I want to chase my wildest dreams
Some have crumbled in these hands of mine
but I don't take it as a sign

Walked along the cemetery path
'til I thought "I should be getting back"
Go lie and bed and let my mind explore
think of everyone who's lived before
Track Name: What's this trouble
My life occurs upon a line
running straight inside my mind
Birds are singing as I write
by the windowsill tonight

Oh, to be up in the air
living free of fear or care
I'm just trying to lay low
'til the morning light

Well I'm just trying to get by
spark my lazy, idle mind
Staring at the walls again
chopped in half by ceiling fans
There's no letters in the mail
all the bread is going stale
What's this trouble all about?
Guess I'll have to wait it out

If I ever get around
I might take my thoughts to town
If you see me in my car
and the windows are down
Please don't yell or wave at me
I'm not feeling well, you see
I'm just trying to lay low
'til the morning light

I'm just blurring into time
living trapped inside my mind
Reaching for a hand beyond
to pull me from my stagnant pond
Can't tell what I want or need
sister, tell me, can't you see?
What this trouble's all about
Guess I'll have to wait it out
Track Name: I want to drown in snow
The mountain's silhouette
our clothes are soaking wet
Beneath the purple sky
we clench our fists and cry

When all's been stripped away
what part of me remains?

It's hard to hold a shape
rewind the reels of tape
Reach for another clue
to find my way to you

Through glass so dimly lit
how can my soul transmit?

When you can't understand
stare at the ceiling fan
I want to drown in snow
to cut the line below
Track Name: Your Cheshire smile
I know it isn't fair to ask
but when I left, did you look back?
Walking out into that rain
beneath the hum of heavy planes

Would you have followed if I had said
that all the answers are in my head?
You toed the line and I stepped across
I'm recognizing what I lost

I want you to see it through

I paid attention to the warning signs
yea it's raining but the sun still shines
You've got a smile like a cheshire cat
it's always hard to make you laugh

Do you remember in the parking lot
when we found an ounce of pot?
And then you threw it at a passing car
just like a dream, it was bizarre

Damage done, we're still young

Up to heaven and back again
I'm steady when I hold this pen
I came to sing you one last time
to sing my melancholy rhyme

A hymn for you to fixate on
while you're waiting for the dawn
In hopes that you remember me
and all the things I tried to be

And as it happens, I didn't know
of all the ways that I could grow
I hope that you remember me
when the rain falls on your street
Track Name: It revealed itself to me
You are small and hidden
burning between two mountain tops
It is there

Sometimes you can see it
when the moon sits behind the clouds

On the coldest night
in February
It revealed itself to me

When I was young I stared at it
every night before I fell asleep

Anymore I can
barely make it out
Amongst the other fires

Burning in the night ferociously
claiming their own validity

But I have seen
that the fire remains
Somewhere out there
I'll see it again

Among the burning ruins
and cities once made of gold
That we've heard so much about
but never seen

Pendulum will swing
Black sun burns and sings
Track Name: In the bathtub of the world
You're a patch of flowers
growing wild deep inside me
Something in your eye
mimes a marble or a diamond

Hidden underneath
like a lost enchanted city
I don't sing of what I've left
but of things that I still carry

I'm not in the room
as my lost mind gently wanders
Thinking of my life
and the days spent as a child

I listened to cassettes
on the swing set in the backyard
Learning how to sing
by the garden and the washline

Such a lovely day
and I'm writing just to tell you
I only slipped in drowned
in the bathtub of the world